Middle and High School Education Programs

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Talking About Sexual Harassment

This program defines sexual harassment and explores prevention techniques and reporting practices.

7th grade - 42 minutes


H.A.D. Enough

Our new teen dating violence curriculum addresses the growing crisis of abuse within teen relationships.  The video and discussion outline the differences between healthy and unhealthy behavioral patterns in dating relationships.

8th grade - 42 minutes


Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

This statistic-based prevention program explains the dynamics and cycle of abuse.  The presentation defines acquaintance rape, statutory rape, and drug-facilitated sexual assault, addresses issues surrounding victim blaming, and outlines safety planning measures.

9th - 11th grades - 42 minutes


Cyber-Bullying Prevention

An interactive board game style exercise will empower students to respond effectively to bullying.

7th-12th grades - 42 minutes


Bystander Intervention

This prevention program builds knowledge, skills, and courage to safely intervene in a situation when another person needs help.

7th - 12th grades - 42 minutes


Internet Safety

Our award-winning internet safety program addresses safety on social media sites.

6th - 12th grades - 42 minutes


Internet Safety for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This video presentation teaches individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities about online safety.  Following the video, education staff facilitates discussion about warning signs and how to report dangerous online activity.

42 minutes

Social Cruelty

This series will take a look at teen bullying and aggressive behavior from male and female perspectives.  It will outline the unhealthy outcomes for both and provide resources for getting help. (2-day classroom series)

9th-12th grades - 42 minutes

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Heather Shnyder, Education Specialist


Rachel Farrow, Education Specialist


570-523-1134 ext. 104


Hanging Out or Hooking Up

Participants discuss the differences and similarities between how men and women view dating and relationships. (2 classroom sessions)

11th and 12th grades - 42 minutes



Transitions Sportsmanship program promotes respectful communication for coaches and athletes to encourage ethical and appropriate behavior both in and out of their sport.

Middle school - college - 42 minutes