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  • Crisis Counseling: Counseling services provides supportive empowerment counseling to survivors and significant others of violence, through a trained counselor/advocate. Crisis counseling is provided by trained advocates either in-person or remote services.


  • Individual Crisis Counseling: Transitions offers 12 individual 1-1 counseling sessions to adult survivors at no cost. Each session is with one of our supportive emotional counselors and can be on a weekly or biweekly basis. These 12 sessions are designed to allow the client to both process their victimizations, as well as learn new skills to help aid in their healing process. Skill building topics include coping skills, boundaries, communication, self-esteem, co-parenting with an abuser, forms of abuse and the cycle of abuse + more. Sessions are offered in person or virtually. Crisis counseling is provided by trained advocate either in-person or remote services.



  • Child Crisis Counseling: Children under the age of 18. This service can be provided 1-1 or with siblings. These sessions will utilize age-appropriate play, activities, and counseling. Child Crisis Counseling is provided by trained advocates either in-person or remote services. (There will be teen support groups that will be offered periodically as well.)

Child Therapy
  • Group Counseling: Transitions strives to provide Group counseling opportunities that meet the voice of survivors and needs of daily life. Group is provided by trained advocates either in-person or remote services.


At this time the current Group counseling opportunities are being offered:

  • Open Group: Online Platform

This group is designed to allow survivors to attend when you can, there is no long-term commitment. This group provides a forum for survivors to meet and share with other survivors whatever is coming up for them at this time in their life. Transitions embraces the journey post domestic violence and sexual assault. Each survivor will navigate these times differently it is important to know you are not alone.   

Discussion topics can include:

  • What has helped you during this time?  

  • How are you feeling this week?

  • Sharing progress, you are proud of?

  • Identifying the gaps, a path forward


A crisis counselor/advocate will facilitate this group and provide support to all members during discussion.


Every Tuesday at 5:30PM via Zoom.

Questions about this group? or 1-800-850-7948


  • Therapy: Transitions offers trauma therapy for individuals who have experienced abuse in childhood or adulthood. Trauma therapy is provided by a master’s level clinician and the focus is on assisting individuals in developing healthy coping skills. Trauma therapy typically lasts over a year. Services are provided in-person as well as remote.

Local Community Resources for Counseling:

*Only for individuals without insurance or who have MA.*


Phone:  570-275-4962



Northumberland County Behavioral Health-

Phone: 570-495-2040



If you have health insurance, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card and request mental health services.

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