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24-Hour Crisis Hotline: Trained advocates are available to provide support, counseling, information, and referral to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other serious crimes day or night, every day of the year. That number is, 1-800-850-7948.


Emergency Safe House: Transitions offers two confidential and supportive emergency safe houses for families who have been displaced as a result of domestic violence or sexual assault. This includes survivors of domestic violence who have voluntarily left home with their children to avoid further violence. We offer shelter to victims of all genders.

Legal Advocacy: Trained advocates explain the legal process and proceedings, help complete and file Protection Orders, and accompany crime victims to court hearings

Housing: Qualified staff provide economic empowerment programs to victims of domestic violence, including housing assistance, financial management skill-building, and job readiness resources.

Civil Legal Representation: In certain civil cases, Transitions' attorney provides free legal advice and representation to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.


Medical Advocacy: Trained counselors are available to provide information and support at area hospitals and doctor's offices for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other serious crimes.


Adult Counseling: Trained counselors provide supportive listening and short-term counseling to help explore and consider options. They also provide information and referrals to other agencies where more help is available.


Child Counseling:  Specialized counseling is offered to children whose lives have been affected by sexual assault or domestic violence. Child advocates provide support groups, play groups, and special activities to aid in healing.

Crisis Counseling: Counseling services provides supportive empowerment counseling to survivors and significant others of violence, through a trained counselor/advocate.

Programs for Adolescents: Specialized services for teens who have experienced dating violence, sexual assault, bullying, or other victimizations include counseling, support group, and education about adolescent relationship abuse and reproductive coercion.


Sexual Assault Services:  Trained counselors offer support to those who have been raped or who are survivors of incest or childhood sexual assault.

Services for Victims of Trafficking: Transitions is a member of PAATH 15, a regional collaboration on behalf of labor and sex trafficking victims in counties along Route 15 in PA.  All of Transitions' services are available to victims of trafficking.


Support Groups: People who have experienced similar life situations meet in small, confidential groups to help one another cope and offer support. Groups are led by trained counselors.

Trauma Informed Therapy: Experiencing a crime is a traumatic event that can lead to significant emotional and behavioral difficulties. Transitions provides therapy to crime victims free of charge.


Education and Community Outreach: Our education staff presents awareness and prevention programs to students in public and private schools throughout the tri-county area comprising our service area, as well as to community groups and governmental agencies. 

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