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It is important for people to understand that they are not alone. This is an opportunity to share your personal story (either anonymously or by first name) in order to help survivors relate to similar experiences. 


Please note: Although each individual's situation may vary, we are united in the fight against domestic violence, sexual assault and other serious crimes regardless of the victim's age or gender.


In order to submit a post, please email your story to our Programs Director:



       I never thought it could happen to me, but it did. So ladies take heed to that 1 in 5 calculation. It could happen anywhere, by anyone. I was raped on a college Campus by a stranger in the Library.  And what is worse is that man went on to murder and assault other women.

Even more terrifying is the percentage of rape cases that actually get convictions. Its less than 40 percent.  Let’s create awareness and ladies if you say no it doesn’t matter if you were drunk, or slutty or in a predicament. NO MEANS NO!  Don’t be ashamed of someone violating your body. THEY should be ashamed for not having the self-control and refusing to STOP.

       If you are raped or assaulted.  REPORT IT.  Period.  Even if it doesn’t lead to a conviction it will sound the bells and maybe he won’t do it to someone else or maybe it’ll leave a blemish on his record the next time he does do it. REPORT and don’t be ashamed!

Campus Rape Survivor
Prison Rape Survivor


I was sexually assaulted by a prison guard when I served my prison sentence.  He lost his job, was put on the sex registry list, and went to prison. Since I’ve been out I have not been able to obtain a lawyer for this case.  I experience depression and PTSD and fear of trusting and being in romantic relationships.


Childhood Sexual Assault Survivor


I was the victim of sexual assault when I was very young.  My own uncle hurt me.  He played with me and acted nice to me, and I was scared to tell my family because I didn’t know if they would believe me.  But I did speak up.  And I want to tell you too, don’t be scared to talk to someone.  There are people there to help you.  It may be hard to trust or feel safe, but it’s important that if someone talks to or touches you in a way that you don’t like, it’s ok to say no and get help.



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