Elementary School Education Programs

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The Story of Corey & Emily

Going a step beyond stranger danger, this interactive video introduces the concept of acquaintance awareness.  Through question/answer and role play, kids learn and practice important new safety skills.

Pre-K through 1st grade - 30 minutes


Nationally-acclaimed Safe TOUCH - Abuse Prevention Curriculum K-5 is available for schools and community groups.  Safe TOUCH programs include lesson plans and activities for use in grades Kindergarten through 5th.  Since prevention is most effective when students hear it more than once, Transitions provides teacher packets to review the information with students throughout the year.  This curriculum deals with preventing sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, and bullying.  

K - 5th grade - 30-60 minute sessions

Little Bear

Little Bear learns how some touches make him feel good, while other touches make him feel hurt, angry, and confused.  Through the help of a friend, Little Bear learns the importance of knowing what to do about unsafe touches.  Facilitator-led instruction, activity, and discussion reinforce learning.  

Pre-K through 2nd grade - 45-60 minutes

What Tadoo with Secrets

Juliette learns the difference between the kinds of secrets it is okay to keep and the ones that are hurtful and dangerous.

2nd and 3rd grade - 45-60 minutes

When Should You Tell?

A favorite amongst teachers and counselors, this video program features Karen, who discusses her experience as a victim of child sexual abuse.  As the program narrator, Karen is able to identify common feelings, fears, and perceptions of a child caught in this situation.

2nd through 4th grade - 45-60 minutes

What We've Learned About Bullying

Narrated by a fourth-grade student, this interactive program provides engaging scenarios that capture the situations students face each day at home, school, and play.  Students enjoy role-playing and practicing skills that allow them to maintain their dignity and self-respect in bullying situations.

3rd and 4th grade - 45-60 minutes

Building Healthy Relationships

A relationship coach helps kids learn how to resolve conflicts using positive communication and self-regulation skills.  Students learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy friendships.  Role-plays and lively discussions reinforce learning.

4th and 5th grade - 45-60 minutes

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Popularity: What's the Price?

Providing stories of four adolescents who grapple with the dynamics of popularity, students have fun exploring the concept of popularity through video, role play, and discussion.

5th and 6th grade - 45-60 minutes

Digital Citizenship

Provided by Common Sense Education, this curriculum provides critical, grade-level information about safe and appropriate internet usage.

K-6th grade - 30-45 minutes